Burning Permit

Improper outdoor burning can lead to fines up to $25,000.

All residents within Graysville City Limits must call 775-9242 to obtain a permit before burning.

A permit will be issued to burn the following items if grown on site: Leaves, branches, tree limbs, twigs or lawn clippings.

Anyone burning the following items will be citied to court.

Tires and other rubber products, vinyl siding, vinyl shingles, plastics and other synthetic materials, paper products, cardboard, newspaper, asphalt shingles, other asphalt roofing materials, demolition debris, materials containing asbestos, paints, household chemicals, agricultural chemicals, aerosol cans, food cans, building material, construction debris, buildings, mobile homes, copper wire, electrical wire, household trash, leaves, branches, trees not grown on site.

Visit www.BurnSafeTN.org for more information.