Business License

Any person opening a business within the city limits of Graysville, Tennessee must apply for a City Business License at the Municipal Building.  The cost of a new business license is $20.00.  If a business license is not applied for within 20 days of commencing business, penalty and interest begin to accrue.

Once the business License Application has been filled out please mail or drop the application off at:

Graysville Municipal Building
Attn: Business License
136 Harrison Ave.
Graysville, TN 37338
(423) 775-9242

If the business is within the City limits of Graysville, business owners must have a City and County Business License. The County License can be obtained at the County Clerk’s Office located at 375 Church St in the back of the Regions Bank Building Dayton (423) 775-7808.

Click HERE for a Graysville Business License Application.

A Business Tax Act License and Tax Report are to be filed each year at the end of the tax period for the businesses classification. Penalty and interest will accrue 60 days after the ending of the appropriate tax period.

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