Parks and Recreation

Kristopher’s Kingdom Park


The playground part of the park was named after a little 5 year old boy named Kristopher S. Connor lost his life in a mobile home fire in Graysville on April 30, 1996. I was already involved in making the park a better place for the children when this happened and the day of the funeral, the Lord said to me “You need to name the playground area of the park Kristopher’s Kingdom”.

So I went to the board, they agreed, and the new sign was erected on June 29th, 1996 airbrushed by Johnny Bailey. I spent the next 6 years trying to improve the park by having an annual fundraiser named “Picnic in the Park” every 4th of July. I retired around 2002 from working on the park, but it will always have a special place in my heart. (Info from Terri Massengill)

We are a group of volunteers who are all about having fun events for our community.The following are our dedicated board members for 2016 …

Chairmen David Sulcer
Vice Chairwoman Gina Knox
Secretary Shannon Smith
Michelle Hughes
Sherry Leming
Tavia Denson
Amanda Sulcer


We have several executive members who help as they can.

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We are currently working with a grant to redo the park and play area for the kids, and also the buildings in which are under consrtuction now!

Some history of the park &¬†past park committee members include…
1958 Members Baze Giles, James Morton, Harlan Henderson,Roger Tucker & Sam White.

1958 They held Sock Hops

1967 John Carters Girls Soft teams held exhibition games on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

1968 There was a 28ft x 46ft building at park supervised by W.A. Kaylor & Jewell Earhart.

1969 The park was leased to the Graysville Softball Association.

1972 The park was leased to the Ruritan Club and there was a street light installed in front of community building.

1973 Park Commissioner was H. L. McNabb

1973 John Rose was in charge of concession stand and Rev. Carl Thomason ask city to buy a gym set for the children.

1974 The park was leased again to the Ruritan Club.
Arthur Knox ask for permission for the Ruritan Club to build a tennis & basket ball court at park.

1976 (Feb.) Johnny Harwood was park commissioner and Howard Sneed ask that gas heat be installed at community building. (Aug. 1976) Earl Rodgers was appointed park commisioner and the Ruritan Club was granted use of building for the 2nd Thursday of each month. (Nov. 76) Mike Knox was appointed park commissioner and (Dec. 76) the park was used for rummage sales & flea markets on the 1st & 3rd Sat.of each month by churchs and other organizations.

1977 Park Commissioner Mike Knox ask for & recieved concret blocks and cement for the bleachers, he also volunteered to get a group together to enter a float in Strawberry Parade.